About us:

Welcome to Argane Izylar, supplier of the brand Argane Izylar. We are importer and Distribteur of this brand. We introduce this wonderful product to you so that you may enjoy all the wonderful properties of pure argan oil.

Argan Izylar produces argan oil for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and

food industries (culinary argan oil).

In addition to our strong ambition to customized product to offer to our customers' needs and expectations, we are aware that our customers needs the best for their bodies. Our argan oil is 100% pure and contains absolutely no chemical additives like parabens, alcohol, perfume.

We can all previous experience and know-how proudly claim to deliver high quality argan oil. The raw materials (argan nuts) are selected with great care in order to ensure the quality of the final product. The production process is strictly monitored and adhered to the standard of Eco-cert and USD methods.